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Mailing Lists & Autoresponders Pricing


Using Cooldog's Internet Domain

  Economy Class List Business Class List First Class List
One-Time List Setup Fee $75 $75 $75
Monthly Fee $36 $48 $60
Over 2000 Subscribers add $10 add $10 add $10
WWW users interface X X X
Digests   X X
Archives   X X
Searchable archives     X
Newsgroup enabled     X
Autoresponders $9 month

Using Your Internet Domain

Domain registration $160/2 years $50/yr. for life
Domain hosting

$60 setup, $15/month

Sub-domain hosting

$120 setup, $15/month

Lists & autoresponders

Same pricing as above

Site Packages (your domain)

3 Economy Class lists -
$275 setup $65 monthly

Golden Retriever

9 Business Class lists, 1 autoresponder -
$590 setup, $307 monthly

War Dog

15 First Class lists, 3 autoresponders -
$655 setup, $780 month


            Cooldog Technologies pricing is subject to change without notice.  All Monthly hosting fees come with a minimum 3 month initial agreement.  Cooldog Technologies reserves the right to terminate service without refund for any violation of its usage policy.

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Cooldog Technologies does not provide any services to bulk emailers.

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