William Cathro died December 21, 1997, of complications from lung cancer that had spread quite rampantly, including to his brain. {Please extinguish your cigarettes now, folks.} The collection of his personal memoirs started some time before his death, he would write in longhand and give the notes to his granddaughters Beth and Wendy for typing. Finally, William's step-daughter-in-law Diane Wert took great care and effort, and edited it all into to the collection published here. When he saw the final work bound and published, it gave him a great sense of joy and accomplishment, and he died peacefully just a few days later.

This work includes references to Mr. Cathro's first great-grandson, Luke Rosanova. Just a month before his death, he learned that his granddaughter Wendy was pregnant with his second great-grandchild, and on July 17, 1998, Grace Isabella Rosanova was born. Also not reflected here is that his granddaughter Beth married Paul Gumerman on August 4, 1996, and they had his third great grandchild - Ty Jacob Gumerman - on March 5, 2001. We know he would be proud.


Beth Fizell Gumerman, September 9, 2001