Photos of William Cathro

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Mother, Annie, Molly Mother M. Cathro, Annie Merrilees, Mary (Molly) Merrilees at Milngavie; 1940-41
Bessie & Wilma in 1951, Bessie age 39 with Wilma, Born 2nd Sept 1951
Bessie & Wilma (age 11) with the Humber at Largs Ayrshire, October 1962
The 1st Humber  This was in 1962 - Out for a drive in the Bessie in the fall of '62 - Note Wine mirrors - Fog Light, A.A. & RAC Club badges.
David Cathro - Bombadier  Royal Field Artillery, Egypt 1919
David Cathro Same Image, before being restored
Friend, Peter, Peggy at Rothesay - Isle of Bute around 1960.
Kit, Alex(died 1922 age 12), Willie  Probably taken 1917 or 1918
1959 Ford Prefect at Loch Earn Taken in 1961
Grandpa Merrilees, Mother, Baby on pony - Willie Circa 1916, taken in stables at Birkenshaw St. Dennistoun
Grandpa, Mother, Willie  Same image as above, before being restored.
Helen & Joe's Wedding  Ray Slowinski, Helen, Joe, Clara Fizell. One of the only photos of their wedding
Helen & Joe's Wedding  Same image, before being restored.
Father & Mother's Wedding  June 18th, 1907
Father & Mother's Wedding  Same image, before being restored. quite a challenge, since kids had scribbled on the photo.
Annie Merrilees Pictured here probably during W.W. I. She was a dressmaker and Ladies' Tailor. Never married, died age 85. Mother's sister.
Annie Merrilees Same image, before being restored.
Mary (Molly) Merrilees Nursing Sister, taken at Netley Hospital approx. 1917. She served in military field hospitals in France during W.W. 1 and was decorated by Queen Alexandra with the Royal Red Cross Medal. She never married. Died Aged 97. Mother's sister
Mary (Molly) Merrilees Same image, before being restored.

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