In 1981, I had become almost used to living alone, and although Wilma was with me till around June 1980, I was lonely and really needed company.  So it was that I met Eleanor, having known her from church.  One Sunday in February 1981, we were both on the door at church as greeters, and through that, we kind of drifted into a closer companionship, which led to marriage on June 7, 1981.  The rest is a whole new story, which I may tell fully in my next effort at writing memoirs.  One of the difficulties of writing a narrative like this is that it is ongoing, and can never be completely current.   

So as I get to the end of this part of my story, anything that happens after this day in May 1996, will have to take its place without being in this record.  One last thing I comment on is my 80th birthday party, hosted by Helen and Joe.  Once more, I was shown all the love and affection of my family and I feel very honored and grateful to be the patriarch of such a great family.